White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

White pumpkins have made it big. Orange is out, white is in. Are you on the white pumpkin bandwagon?

White pumpkins, known as Lumina, Cotton Candy, Full Moon, and other varieties, once were rare, a novelty of sorts. Now, they are the first to be picked in the décor game. We all want white pumpkins on our team!

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

Is this another ugly duckling story?

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

We shouldn’t throw something aside because it isn’t the norm, right? Years ago, these cute little pumpkins were probably not sold and simply cast away. Now they are the popular kids. Now everyone wants them. Good for you, little albino pumpkin! Good for you.

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

These days, there seems to be no normal. Everyone is different and special and everyone needs to be celebrated.

Just like pumpkins that look different.

Open your eyes and you can see the beauty in anything.  And everything.


White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

White is the new orange when it comes to pumpkins!

The ghost pumpkins are being used in home décor more because they blend with your décor, no matter the color scheme you use. They are also more elegant. You can really dress up an ivory pumpkin or leave them be for a farmhouse look.

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

White pumpkins offer great contrast in your fall vignettes. If you are using the warm colors of fall, throw in a white pumpkin and it will pop.

“I would rather sit on a pumpkin, and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion.” -Henry David Thoreau

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

A lot of brides are using the white pumpkins at their weddings—well, because they are white. But also, they blend with whatever colors the bride uses in her wedding. Orange pumpkins probably would not.

White pumpkins are the same as the orange, in terms of tasting the same, baking the same, planting the same and growing the same. They also carve the same. Although, the albino version might be a bit easier due to their skin. They are not as thick-skinned as their orange jack-0-lantern cousins!

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

Baby Boo, another variety of white pumpkins (perfectly named, right?), are perfect inside or out. I have white pumpkins inside throughout my house and I also use them outside. I have a bunch of them in a tin, surrounded by mums and I love the way they look. They also look great with my green and purple sweet potato vines! Contrast!!

Open your eyes and you can see the beauty in anything. And everything. #dedradaviswrites Click To Tweet

Basically, I love these pretty little pumpkins. I love taking pictures of them and I am so glad they are readily found at grocery stores, nurseries, and garden centers.

White Pumpkins Are The New Norm

I hope for you lots of variety in your life, lots of understanding for those that don’t look like the others and…lots of white pumpkins mixed in with your orange jacks!

love and blessings~dd

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