Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

As I was shopping today at my local grocery store, I realized what a great resource it can be. Decorating for fall with grocery store finds can be a natural way to add the look of fall to your house.

If you are just starting out, as a new home owner, or any type of dwelling, you can decorate your entire house using grocery store finds.  There is a bountiful amount of ideas to decorate for fall.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

The fall or autumn season was once called harvest.  This was the time farmers gathered their crops they had tended to for winter storage.  This typically happened between August and November. Natures bounty awaits you at your grocery store and is plentiful in fall décor ideas.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

So, if you are decorating for fall, why wouldn’t you decorate with fruits and vegetables.  It only seems natural, right?

The word harvest originally came from an Old Norse word that means the season of autumn, or “to gather or pick.”

“And sow fields and plant vineyards, And gather a fruitful harvest.” Psalm 107:37

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Head to the grocery story and harvest your fall bounty!

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

What will you find grocery store finds will you decorate your fall table with?

The obvious is pumpkins.  Grocery stores are a great place to buy your pumpkins.  Not only pumpkins for carving mr. jack-o-lantern, but also for beautiful varieties such as white pumpkins, Cinderella pumpkins, pie pumpkins and guards of all types.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

Of course, there are no farms or autumn trees to add to your pleasure, or no atmosphere like a farmer’s market, but it is sometimes a cheaper

Don’t forget squash!

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

You can decorate with acorn squash and butternut squash, as well as any variety your grocery store might have.  Squash is often associated with fall so why not decorate the dining room table with a bowl full of squash.

While in the produce, I noticed how ornate and pretty artichokes are.  (Side note–when I was in college, I ate a lot of these.  They are nutritious, easy to make and delicious!) Buy some, use them in a bowl or a platter and you are decorating for fall.

“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” -William Cullen Bryant

Add some black kale to the bowl and you have a bounty. And you can make a delicious, healthy meal.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

Look how pretty black kale would look in a bouquet of fall flowers!

Speaking of the flower department-the grocery store finds in the that department is all about decorating for fall this time of year.

I found plenty to decorate your home, including fall leaves, cotton stems ornamental corn and of course–flowers.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

The flowers at the grocery store are full of yellows, golds, purples and oranges this time of year. All the colors of the harvest rainbow. Talk about grocery store finds!

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

Our grocery store loads up with fall mums, also.  Mums for your garden and decorative mums for the inside of your home.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

In the fruit section, the limes and lemons are always a great idea for your kitchen.  Some may think they are a summer fruit, but actually  they are at their best in the fall so it is only natural to use them decorating for fall.

Pears are a gorgeous way to add fall colors to your kitchen or even throughout your home for fall.  The red pears are beautiful alone or mixed in a bowl with the green variety.  They look natural. And again, eatable.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

No matter your style of décor, a bowl or platter of fresh produce is a beautiful way to decorate for fall.  Most of the fruits and vegetables are the colors used in autumn and it implies you have gathered your harvest and are ready to celebrate by feeding your family. It’s harvest-time!

Your homestead will be beautifully decorated, will look homey and welcoming, and you will have food to fix for your family and friends.  Head to your grocery store so yo can add fall décor to your home.

I hope for you a bounty of fall décor and a harvest of vegetables and fruits to serve your family.

love and blessings~dd

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