Three important things graduating seniors should know

Three important things graduating seniors should know

I want to share with you three things, three important pieces of wisdom graduating seniors should know. You are probably tired of hearing advice; you are grown now and you want people to stop parenting you. If you are wise, you will listen to all the elderly advice—all of it–it is all given in love.

Dear girl who is about to take on the world,

I remember how it feels to graduate. I have worn the black cap and gown twice. Each time is an ending, but more importantly, a new beginning. Embrace this time, soak it in, rally in the moment!

Three important things graduating seniors should know

Wisdom One

As a graduating senior, the first thing I would like to share with you is to be brave. You are about to walk through a lot of new doors. Most of those doors will be wide open for you but some you will need to open for yourself. Walk through them. Be adventurous. Don’t wait until you are my age (don’t ask-all you need to know is it is old!). It took me a long time to be brave enough to be adventurous. I am not talking about climbing mountains or rappelling down a building (although I did that last one!!). I am talking about discovering things that excite you, challenge you, and keep you going forth with those interests. Taking pictures, writing, singing, speaking in public. Do things that scare you a little bit and that are hard. Push yourself to master the talents that interest you. Do this now—don’t wait. I am a writer; I graduated with a degree in journalism, but because I feared rejection, I didn’t write until 24 years after I graduated. Think of all the words I wasted. Time and words gone. Don’t wait—be brave now!

Three important things graduating seniors should know

Wisdom Two

Secondly, be you. Be you and not them. You will meet a lot of new people and you will be looking for new people to be your friends, at a new job or college, or perhaps both, in a new city. The more you are you and not them, you will find your new people who are most like you. (that sounds like Dr. Seuss!) You will find your tribe, your flock. If you try to blend in and be like them, you will not find your true friends. More time wasted. This is the time to figure out who you are and the time for you to be that person. The more you are authentic to yourself, the more authentic people you will meet and attract. Being with friends that have similar interests, and who want to have similar adventures, will be more enjoyable and more comfortable. You won’t have to pretend–you can just be you.

Three important things graduating seniors should know

Last, but not least

And last, keep moving. Whatever activities in high school that kept you moving, kept you busy–continue those, or find another form of exercise, just keep moving. Whatever weight and body shape you are now, will most likely change, as you age. It happens to the best of us. If you keep moving, that won’t happen to you. You will be healthier and happier and believe me—once you stop exercising—beginning again is extremely hard, and let’s face it, just no fun. So, don’t stop.

Being healthy and happy in your body is important all throughout your life. This is vital to self-love and happiness. Body image is a serious thing. Being fit and active is better for you and you will have one less thing as an adult to be concerned about. Keep moving!

Three important things graduating seniors should know


If you’re still reading this, first-thanks, and secondly, adhere to these three pieces of adult advice. They come from years of knowledge.

Also, know that you will make mistakes, you will fail. And fall. The import thing is to get up. Keep going and never give up on your dreams.

Keep learning and growing, changing and evolving. Keep being yourself. Continue to be brave and walk through those doors with your head held high. Keep moving, through those doors and through life.


A loving person who is older than you

Three important things graduating seniors should know

*I wrote this article for a magazine called Teen Top Model, a magazine for girls written and edited by Dianne Leigh, a photographer in Houston.  I wrote it from love, to those brave souls about to take on the world, those graduating seniors, no matter what age, gender, or how many times you have worn the black cap and gown.

If you feel inspired to share these words of wisdom, I would appreciate it! Share to as many as need it.  They don’t know they need to read these words–but they do!

Three important things graduating seniors should know

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love and blessings~dd

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Three important things graduating seniors should know

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