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So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

So this is what fall feels like?

Today, in Waco, there is no fall in the air.  Today, there is a temperature of 81, high humidity, rain in the forecast and it is squashing my fall feels. I won’t let this happen.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

I will transport my mind back to an October day that I cherish. In New York City.

We landed late in the afternoon, and by the time we got checked in our hotel, had a drink and made it out on the streets, it was dark.

This was the first time my feet hit the streets of the city I had dreamed about so many times before.  I was here. And there was fall in the air.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?


It rained earlier in the day, the streets were still wet but the air was clear.  Crisp. Just like I had imagined. Just like in the movies.

I’ll never forget the feel of the air.  The way it hit my face and made me breathe. And smile. It was fresh and cool. I wanted to dance. No jacket was needed, but a sweater was wanted.

Fall has always been but a dream to me because, you see, in Texas, in Waco, we don’t get fall feels until November, usually, if even then.  Our leaves, if they turn colorful at all, usually turn around Thanksgiving, but by then, I am ready for Christmas.  I have moved on to the next holiday that brings me joy.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?
Austin Avenue, downtown Waco, in the fall

I had never experienced the city, yes THE city, and I sure hadn’t ever experienced it in the fall.

This was where I wanted to be at that moment, at that temperature.  And the streets were still wet; it made it all that more magical.  To me.  Yes, I was glad this was the day for my first day in New York.

“Don’t you just love New York in the fall…? -Nora Ephron

As we walked to dinner, I recall looking at everything, taking in all the magic of the city.  The lights of Times Square.  The smells, the noise.  I loved the noise.  This city was alive and it had a strong heartbeat. There were voices, laughter, cars, horns beeping, sirens. The noises of the city.  I loved it all.

When we turned the corner, off-Broadway, it all got a little quieter, a little darker, and I felt like I was in a movie.  I looked at the ground and I saw the brightest leaves, beautiful leaves, autumn leaves, that had made their way down from their home in the trees, to the ground.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

I had to ask myself, “were they placed there for my joy?”  Because I felt joyous looking at them. This is one of the fall feels.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?
Notting-Hill, in London

For me, it is the temperature.  It is sweater weather.  It is acorns and leaves and pumpkins.  Autumn colors and temperatures happen every autumn; except in some places, like Waco.  It causes me to yearn for it.  Yearn for the fall feels. It causes me to fake it, and while that is ok, it isn’t real.  Once you feel what fall is really supposed to feel like, you can’t go back.  You can’t un-feel.  You can’t pretend you don’t know what it feels like and how it makes you feel.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

So, I travel to places that have genuine fall feels.  Last year, we went to San Francisco and three years ago, I traveled to New Mexico and London.  Even Lubbock, Texas, where my daughters attended college, has it–the real season changes, the real fall feels.

All those places have beautiful, authentic autumn temperatures that happen naturally in the “ber months” —September, October and November.  I have fallen in love with all these places because they give me the complete fall feeling, the magic of seasons.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

I treasure it.  And, I continue to fake it at home, in Waco.  And that is ok.  Because now, when we do get a glimpse of real fall feels, I cherish the moment.  I experience it with everything I have.

So this is what fall feels like?

I hope for you the magic of seasons, the magic of autumn, the fall feels.

love and blessings~dd

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m also doing the write 31 days challenge and blogging about fall. Reading this made me realize how much I take this season which is not one of my favorites for granted (I’m in the KC area).

    1. Thank you so much for reading! And yes, if you have Fall, appreciate it! The leaves, all the golden colors, the cool air, the smells (unless you have allergies!)! Enjoy it all!!

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