Spreading joy and love through a hand-written letter

Send a hand-written note to someone you love

In this age of texts, tweets and emails, there is a closeness lost, a personal connection that seems to have gone away. Where are the days of love letters, thank you notes, perhaps a hand-written note?

While I love all those technical communications I mentioned above, (I hate talking on the phone!), because it is February and Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to let someone know you are thinking about them, loving them, by mail? A hand-written note? The old-fashioned way?

When my husband and I dated in the late 80’s, we lived two-hours away from each other. This was before all the technical devices we now have and love. The only way to communicate was through a landline (a what?). One of those phones that had a cord and a wire in the wall. We talked every night, once a day, and that was long distance; it was costly.

We also communicated by letter.

Correspondence. We wrote to each other, using pen and paper, daily. Snail-mail. USPS. Every day I ran to the mailbox and received happy-mail from my boyfriend. I distinctly remember how joyful it felt to read his words. I cherished every hand-written note. We poured our hearts and minds out onto those pages.

“Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter.”  ― Auliq Ice

“Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter.” ― Auliq Ice Click To Tweet

Send a hand-written note to someone you love


I kept every one of them and still cherish them today.

Writing for me has always been a love.

Both of my daughters attended Texas Tech University, six hours away.  I missed them and knew they would be homesick from time to time, as well.  I started writing each of them, every week, a hand-written note, from their first week to their last.  I hope they appreciated each letter and note. Sent with love.

I even wrote to my youngest daughter when she was in London for a study abroad.

Whether it was writing a letter to my boyfriend, my daughters, or my grandmother, it brought me pleasure. Yes, I did that, too. For years, I sent my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother a hand-written note. I loved putting the words onto paper. I loved buying notecards and stationery, stamps and stickers. I would include photographs of my children, knowing when these sweet ladies opened the letter, they would smile and feel loved.

Send a hand-written note to someone you love

A bonus–when they write back to you, you have a piece of them, a hand-written note, for the rest of your life.

You can spread this joy to someone. You don’t have to do it daily or weekly but you should do it. Everyone loves receiving happy-mail.

Send a hand-written note to someone you love

Let someone in your life know that you love them and they are important to you. We all lead busy lives and this simple gesture will mean so much to the one you correspond with. Taking the five minutes will mean more to the person on the other side of the mailbox–more than you know. They will feel loved and important. They will feel cherished. You will feel something, too.

“To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart.”-Phyllis Theroux

Get a basket, bin or crate to keep your notecards, stationery and stamps handy. Buy yourself a special pen to make writing more fun.

Send a hand-written note to someone you love

You can find notecards at any store, like Target, Walmart, your grocery store and even dollar stores. Buy stickers to seal the envelope. Practice your hand-lettering. Make this an event–not a chore. You can even use yellow legal pads like my husband did. (Pretty notecards are way more fun though!)

Write to someone today and spread some love and smiles. And perhaps they will write to someone. And so on…

Send a hand-written note to someone you love

I hope for you today some happy-mail and I hope you send some, too!

love and blessings~dd

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    1. This is AWESOME Hopeful50 ! I recently inquired on FBK for anyone to contact me if they needed encouraged or knew of someone who needed encouragement and I would write them a personal email. My message box was flooded! It is a beautiful ministry and one that is needed. xo~ D http://www.beyouandthrive.com

  1. Dedra, Great article! I love writing and receiving hand written cards and letters. My mother does this as a ministry and I think my passion for it came from her! I have one dear friend that loves writing letters as well. We send one to each other at least once a month. xo~ D

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