Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

I am participating in a writing challenge called Write 31 Days and it ends in three days. This is my Day Twenty-Eight and I can’t wait for this to be over!

I have now published twenty-eight blog posts in twenty-eight days.

And that, my friend, is exhausting.  And a bit crazy.

Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

My blog series is called Thirty-One days Of Fall feels. all about fall.

I am leaving, tomorrow, on a trip with my best friends.  We are headed south and then cruising further south.

I am almost finished with this writing challenge and I will–read closely–never do this again.

It is great for a few days and then it becomes hellish!  It is too much.

Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

I have written many quality blog posts but there are a few I am not proud of and I will warn you now–this is one of the not so proud ones. And, for that, I am so sorry!

You may stop reading now, if you wish.  I give you permission. isn’t that sad?

I want to be proud of every word I ever write.  This doesn’t teach me to be a better writer–this teaches me to be a lazy writer (only some days-on days I am too tired to write) It should not be forced.  This is a love, a passion I have, and this is not how to go about it.

On a positive note–I am proud that I have not stopped.  I have not quit.  I have written-on!

Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

Tomorrow though, tomorrow is a blog post that I am putting my heart into.  I am being honest and putting my feelings, true feelings, on the screen about my Psoriatic Arthritis.

Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

Tomorrow, October 29, is World Psoriatic Arthritis Day.

I am going to put my feelings and my pain into words.  I would really appreciate a read.

Until tomorrow!

Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days

I must go finish packing! Hasta la Vista!

See you tomorrow-on Day Twenty-Nine!  It will be so much better!  I promise!

I wish for you a better blog post to read–oh, I know–read tomorrow’s! Please!

love and blessings~dd


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I am a late-in-life journalist that is God-fearing, husband-loving, with three beautiful grown children. I love my dogs, my family and my friends. I love traveling and am also in the process of discovering Waco, after living 20 minutes away since 1998; it is about time! My goal is to grow and push myself daily.

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Eight Of The Write 31 Days”

  1. I applaud you for keeping on with it. 🙂 I embark on my own writing journey starting 11/1. Nanowrimo! It will be my third year doing it and one would think by now I would be over the “what if I don’t make my word count this year?” but face that fear every year lol. Even if you write stuff you’re not proud of…you’re still writing and that’s amazing. Kudos to you hon!

    1. Sandra, thank you for this encouragement. That means a lot. Good luck to you in November. I just posted a blog I AM proud of! hah I am ready to get back to once a week and being published elsewhere. Thanks again!

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