A Night on the Farm

I am pretty much a city girl.  Even though we had acreage and horses for years in China Spring, I don’t consider myself country-like. I really don’t like to get my hands dirty.  I get that from my Mom, although she gets her hands dirty in the kitchen and is not afraid of dirt outside, so who knows?

So a night on the farm was intriguing to me.  Romantic, if you will. And it was.

table lights


The lights strung up above the table was something out of a dream.

The table appeared to go one for days, with mix-matched place settings that seemed to be right out of a magazine. Flowers, grown on the farm, and beautiful bottles of water placed every here and there. All of this with millions of little twinkling lights up above; dreamy.

This was a farm-to-table dinner.  On a farm.  At a non-profit farm in Waco, World Hunger Relief, Inc., that teaches interns about sustainable, local and international hunger issues, and sells produce and meats at our local farmers market.


While I fully knew what was on the menu for the evening, I chose to not share this knowledge with my husband.  I am trying new things, branching out, getting out of my comfort zone and he has been attempting to go over-the-edge with me lately, which I appreciate, but I knew the food being prepared for us would not be on his palate.  Or plate.

So the menu was not what we would find ourselves ordering at a restaurant, but I was fine with that; after all it was the experience I was seeking.


Experience brings me to the outside facilities. The bathrooms were outside, (yes, I said outside!) and were actually compost bathrooms. The sustainable farmers, well…make compost out of the waste to use on their veggies and such. Appetizing, huh?


A compost toilet is a dry toilet that uses an aerobic processing system to treat human excreta, (WHAT??) by composting your decomposition. After you…well go, you add a scoop of sawdust or peat moss on top.  No flushing.  They did offer antibacterial goop, so that was good.

Good wine; we also had good wine.  And it was flowing so everything was beautiful.

d&M farm


Other than the mud (it had just rained cats and dogs or should I say goats and pigs?), and the outside facilities, and the bitter cold, and the meal itself, it was a perfect evening spent with good friends and good wine. I am extremely happy that we went and I am better for it.

love and blessings~dd

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