Send a hand-written note to someone you love

In this age of texts, tweets and emails, there is a closeness lost, a personal connection that seems to have gone away. Where are the days of love letters, thank you notes, perhaps a hand-written note?

While I love all those technical communications I mentioned above, (I hate talking on the phone!), because it is February and Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t it be nice to let someone know you are thinking about them, loving them, by mail? A hand-written note? The old-fashioned way?

When my husband and I dated in the late 80’s, we lived two-hours away from each other. This was before all the technical devices we now have and love. The only way to communicate was through a landline (a what?). One of those phones that had a cord and a wire in the wall. We talked every night, once a day, and that was long distance; it was costly.

We also communicated by letter.

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