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About Me!

Hi, I’m Dedra! Welcome to my blog site!  I simply named it dedra davis writes!  I truly appreciate your time and thank you for reading me!

What to expect from dedra davis writes?

I write from the heart about life, love, and laughter, and an occasional blog about Waco, décor, and weenie dogs, all the while, trying to inspire you, delight you, make you think and hopefully smile. Smiling is my favorite!

I am a late-in-life journalist  who is God-fearing and husband-loving, with three beautiful grown children. I love my dogs, my family and my friends. I love traveling and am also in the process of discovering Waco. After living 20 minutes away since 1998, we just moved our empty nest to Waco, in my favorite neighborhood, Castle Heights. My goal, in life and writing, is to grow and push myself daily; over-the-edge kinda stuff.

When I say “late-in-life” I mean it.  I graduated in 1988 with a journalism degree.  I didn’t start writing professionally until 2014. (see? late-in-life!)

I started as a freelance writer for The Hometown News and The Groove Magazine, both in Waco.  I now freelance for magazines, online and print. Currently, I am a Contributing Writer for Taylor Magazine, based in London. I am also a Contributor Writer for Waco Moms Blog. I blog, guest blog and write for whomever will allow me the opportunity.   

Doors; opening and closing life's doors

I am published in Taylor Magazine, Culture Trip, Wacopoint, Everything Home Magazine and The Outfitter. In January, 2017, I was featured in Holl and Lane Magazine and in March, I was featured in Victoria Lee Magazine.


coffee at Jo's
Read my blog and I’ll love you forever!


Magnolia Market at the Silos


Photo shoot for Holl and Lane Magazine article

I am proud that the article I wrote for Culture Trip has been shared on Pinterest over 3000 times.  I am actually both, shocked and proud of that.  It is an article about Waco and what to do when you leave Magnolia Market. Read the article here.

my Waco article pinned on Pinterest 3K times!

My favorite type of article to write are those that will help someone, to inspire in some way–help a local shop gain business, help a charity, draw attention to something, or simply bring a smile to someone’s face.  We all need more smiles.

Like I said above, I like to blog about my life; things that I actually live and learn from.  I hope in someway I can bring that enlightenment to others.  Oh, and the smile thing.

Being grateful and choosing happy; two qualities that can help you make it through difficult times

I love to guest blog and I am blessed to have articles posted on Arrows and Awe blog, Crystal Stine’s blog, Dianne Leigh’s blog and Be You and Thrive.

What Do You Want to be When You Grow up?

I am a Hope*Writer and you can see my profile here.

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Culture Trip Texas article about Waco

In October 2016, I participated in the #write31days writing challenge. The challenge was to write thirty-one blog posts in the thirty-one days of October. Unfortunately, I only wrote twenty-seven in the thirty-one days, because of a trip to San Francisco and Napa.  You can read all twenty-seven here.

Write 31 days challenge
Write 31 days challenge

Instagram is a passion for me.  I enjoy taking pictures and writing inspirational posts.  I would be honored if you would follow me on Instagram.


EMAIL me at dedradavis03@gmail.com






The Alico Building, in Waco

Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope it brings inspiration and thought-provoking, life-changing, emotions. Oh! And smiles!  Lots of smiles. I would be honored if you would join my email list. If you join, I will be in your inbox weekly bringing you more smiles.  Sign up below!

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