Thirty-wonderful days of writing challenge

Welcome to my thirty-wonderful days of blog posts.


I accepted this challenge to strengthen my writing and to challenge myself to grow in my blogging.




Read my daily posts below…

Day One Thirty-wonderful days of writing challenge insanity begins

Day Two What do you see?

Day Three Stir a pot of stew

Day Four It’s what sunflowers do

Day Five Every leaf is a flower

Day Six Waco: our small urban town

Day Seven Stand tall like the Alico

Day Eight I love pumpkins

Day Nine Family is an important thing

Day Ten Take out and explore

Day Eleven (actually day 16) Oh darling, let’s be adventurous 

Inglenook, looking at Francis Ford Coppola's house
Inglenook, looking at Francis Ford Coppola’s house

Day Twelve (actually day 15) Feeling happy and exhausted

**due to traveling in San Francisco and Napa for a week, I missed several posts.  Home sweet Home and writing again…

Day Thirteen (actually day 18) A day to remember

Day Fourteen (actually day 19) All the feels of fall

Day Fifteen (actually day 20) A walk in the clouds

Day Sixteen (actually day 21) box of chocolates

Day Seventeen (actually day 23) The ugliest dachshund

Day Eighteen (actually day 24) The mere smell of fall

Day Nineteen (actually day 25) Mornings well spent

Day Twenty (actually day 26) It makes you think

Day Twenty-one (actually day 27) I now see Waco

Day Twenty-two (actually 28) Be a bridge

Day Twenty-three (actually 29) laugh in flowers

Day Twenty-four (actually 30) I think I have been taking pictures all my life.

Day Twenty-five (actually day 31–and the final day of the challenge!!! He has led me to write.

Write 31 days challenge
Write 31 days challenge

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