Grat Dane

The ugliest dachshund

Once upon a time, there was a sixteen-year-old girl who begged and begged for a Great Dane pup for her seventeenth birthday.  The parents lived in a castle (not really) with five dogs (only two inside) and six cats (all outside) already and the parents didn’t think they needed another dog.

Great Dane puppy
baby Tegan

The girl received a purse instead.

Fate (God) thought differently.  On the daughter’s birthday weekend, someone snuck five lab-mix puppies in our backyard.  After finding homes for all but one special black pup (our Jemma), the daughter kinda got her wish.

Jemma was not a Great Dane but she was a cute puppy.

Cameron and Jemma

Fast forward five years and another birthday wish (this one granted), and a Great Dane named Tegan came into our life.

Great Dane puppy
Tegan and Cameron on the day we picked her up

Cameron, Danni and I headed off on an adventure to East Texas to pick up this already enormous pup. That was a fun day that won’t be soon forgotten. On the way, we tried to think of names for the newest member of our family.  Although there were some great names thought up (Big Sandy), Tegan was the name of choice.

great dane
Tegan and I when she was a pup

Tegan was loved instantly.

Baby Tegan and Charli on top of poor Jem

We, as you may know, are a weenie dog family.  Jemma is an honorary weenie dog and Tegan soon became one, also.

Big and Little
Tegan and Martha

Have you ever seen the movie The Ugliest Dachshund by Walt DisneyDean Jones and Suzanne Pleshette play a suburban couple who are also a weenie dog family.  The husband, Mark, takes in a Great Dane pup and falls in love and there is much mischief in the house, all blamed on the Dane and (can’t believe I am saying this) but clearly all the weenie dogs fault. Highly recommend this movie, if…

  • 1) you like dogs
  • 2) you love weenie dogs
  • 3) you like old Dean Jones movies and
  • 4) you like Great Danes.
Tegan with Charli and Martha

Back to Tegan…

When Tegan was just a wee little big pup, she would play with Charli and be very gentle (or as gentle as she could be). They would play tug-of-war and yes, Tegan would always win. Charli was a mighty Dackel but Tegan was almost always mightier.

Tegan, Jemma and Charli at the dogpark

She thinks she is human.  She thinks she can get on my couch and take up the whole thing.  She thinks she needs crackers when Marky-Mark is eating a snack.  She thinks she is little like the weenie dogs, except when she is barking and then she stands big and tall, and looks mighty like a Dane.

Dachshund and Great Dane
Tegan and baby Martha

You could definitely describe her as great.

Great dane
Tegan’s enormous head

Great big head. Her big ‘ol head is my most favorite part of her.  She has legs for days and a tail that causes trouble. T stands for Trouble.

Tegan has a lot of great nicknames, as well. The one most used is a simple T. And then there is T-pain. Teebee. Teebeer. Mrs. Teebeeweeberson. And Weeber, just to name a small few.

Tegan has a look and it says, “Whatttt??” This look cracks me up every time!

"Whatttt, deedee?"
“Whatttt, deedee?”

Tegan is a sweetheart. She and Cameron are in love.  Tegan is very attached to Cameron and Cameron is attached to her.  I’ve never been more happy about a gift I’ve given than this one. She protects Cam with her big ferocious bark (although she is all bark and no bite). She provides entertainment and companionship.  And makes a pretty good pillow.

Tegan and Charli

Tegan loves the weenteam.  She will get down on her belly, on their level, kind of, and play very gently with them.  They love her and she loves them.

When Tegan comes to Deedee’s and Marky-Mark’s house (that’s what she calls us), she gets so excited.  Have you ever seen a Dane zoomie?  It is a thing.  You have to get out of her way and let her go.  She runs around the yard, about 90 mph, and takes out anything in her way.

baby Tegan and Jemma

We love our sweet big grandpup. I love to have Cameron and Tegan (and Winston, the kitty) come to visit us from Austin. Our house shrinks the moment Tegan walks in, but that’s ok.  We don’t mind.

Great Dane
Cameron and Tegan

Cameron loves her pup and that pup loves Cameron.  And they will live happily ever after.

love and blessings~dd

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