The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Since moving to our new house in April, I have shopped, decorated and made our house a home, not just four walls. I am enjoying the hunt and the find. I want to share with you where I shop for farmhouse décor.

As much as I like to shop, I like to shop smart, at least I like to think I do. Some of my friends have asked me the same question, over and over, “Where did you get this? It is so cute!” Since we moved in our new house, I have added more farmhouse décor, both modern and vintage. I’ve shopped a bit, both online and in some of Waco’s local shops. Per my husband, too much maybe? I am enjoying filling our new home with items that make me happy and that make our house a home.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor


Where am I buying these items?

I want to share with you where I shop for farmhouse décor. #dedradaviswrites Click To Tweet

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor


The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Well…several locations, but I do have my favorites.

I have local favorites. Waco is becoming a huge name in home décor, especially if you like the “fixer-upper” style, farmhouse décor, both modern and vintage, and all the other styles that are popular today. Waco has a lot of great “junque” stores, “pick’ in” stores and stores that are like the Magnolia style, including Magnolia Market, itself.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor


My heart gets happy when I go in these stores. My heart races. My eyes scan the room; they study all the details. These brown eyes want to see each element that makes the room pop. Pop! These stores I am talking about don’t simply have items on a shelf; they decorate as if it was a home. They show you, give you examples and ideas, of how to decorate with the item in your own home. All the farmhouse décor screams, “take me home!”

And my mind, my mind, goes crazy with ideas which leads my heart racing again.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Yes, shopping and décor make me happy.


Let me step back a moment and make a note, *a disclaimer*, I am no decorator. Not professionally anyway. I decorate for myself, not anyone else. If I style a shelf, place a vignette on my coffee table, and I love it–then I smile. Others may not agree and that’s fine. Not a pro, by any means. I only know what I see, what I like and I copy it in my own way. I love these stores that give us ideas. It helps amateurs, like myself, decorate our homes and love the finished product. It’s like a virtual Pinterest.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

So, back to the question— “where did you get this?”

I thought I would tell you some of my favorite places, brick and mortar, as well as online shops to find the farmhouse décor. And…my local favorites.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Come to Waco…we have some of the best local shops that are home décor specialty shops!

I love Magnolia Market (duh!), The Findery, Simply Irresistible, all the ‘lil shops on Austin Avenue, Junque in the Trunk and Spice Village. Waco seems to be getting more and more shops all the time. It’s exciting for someone like me who loves to find great stuff for my home.

“We labor to make a house a home, then every time were expecting visitors, we rush to turn it back into a house.” -Robert Brault

Now for the brick and mortar chain stores where I love to shop; I have a long list, but here are my favorites.

  • Target is always at the top. Who doesn’t love Target? You can find great items, low prices and great quality. And, did I mention cute? Hint…always check out the Dollar Spot at Target. I am a little obsessive here. Cheap stuff!! I find great deals on little stuff. The good stuff is $3 and $5, and cute. (did I mention that?) Note—this is hit-and-miss. It’s not every day/every time.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

(Look at this cute fall banner. Plaid and made it of metal. And, so stinking cute for $3, right?

  • World Market is on the chain-store list, as well. They have great signs, baskets, kitchen items, linens, storage…ok, they have it all. Oh, and wine! Where else can you pick up a cute little something for your living room and a nice bottle of rosé?
  • I also like to go to Tuesday Morning and Marshal’s for non-specific items. You never know what you’ll find here or perhaps you won’t find anything? These places are also hit-and-miss. And, I really wish Waco had a Home Goods! If you have one where you live—GO! They have terrific items and deals.
  • Michael’s Stores are also a great place to go for good deals on faux plants, frames and they always have great seasonal items. I really like this DIY store (even though I don’t DIY) and always come out with some goodies. I went through a craze of buying crates last year. I found cheap ones at Michael’s. Crates are great for holding your stuff like pillows, books, plants and seasonal items like faux pumpkins!
  • IKEA is a great place to pick up faux plants. I use a lot of greenery to fill in areas on shelves and add life to the room. I have a lot of real plants, but they take water and sun; if you have a dark area of your house add a little faux! You can buy some of IKEA’s greenery online, if you don’t have a store near you, (Waco doesn’t!), or if you don’t want to go to that enormous store for just plants. Click here to read a post about decorating with greenery! And a bonus—you don’t have to put the little fake plants together!
  • H&M is also a favorite of mine. I have written about H&M before, read the post here. I love H&M for their pillows! I love pillows and over-stuff my couches with them. Some of H&M’s pillow covers are under $10 and because they are covers, you can switch them out seasonally or if you tire of them. They are also washable. They have other great items, as well, that are low-budget. Most H&M Stores don’t have their home-line in the store so I buy these items online. (plus, Waco doesn’t have one!) Check out all their goodies!

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Now for Happy Mail.

I tend to be a homebody. Shopping online, from the comfort of my home, is pretty wonderful. Plus, I get a tiny rush from opening a box when it is delivered at my door-happy mail!! I have my favorites and my go-to stores. A few of these have real stores, some are online only.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

My most favorite place for home décor is Gable Lane. I decorate with a lot of farmhouse and fixer upper-like items and they have amazing choices. I stumbled upon Gable Lane by following the owner on Instagram. I followed her feed because I loved the way she decorated and I learned great ideas for my home. She started the company as a “box” like a subscription box, without the subscription, which I loved because when I ordered one, it was like Christmas morning! Now, besides the box or crates, she offers single items you can buy online. Some are finds, one-of-a-kinds, some items are even available at Magnolia Market—but all are great quality, all are great style and to me, well worth the price and convenience of online shopping. Follow Gable Lane on Instagram for great inspiration!

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

  • And, I became an affiliate marketer for Gable Lane. If you use the link below, you get 10% off, and I get a tiny bit for leading you to the shop. Win! Win!! Click here for the 10% !!
  • I also love Décor Steals. This is an email you receive daily. They have two or three items available for purchase. You choose to delete or to click the link. If you don’t like the item of the day—delete. It’s that simple. Once again, they offer one-of-a-kind finds, or items available for purchase at the silos. (I think they all use the same company for a lot of their merchandise) Décor Steals has an Instagram account that I follow and they are big on Pinterest. Here is the website. You can follow them for great décor ideas!
  • A store I order from often is in Grapevine, Texas, only two hours away. This is a store that I L O V E !! I want to visit Curtis Creations, the next time I visit my parents, but for now I order from their online store. They also carry all sorts of farmhouse décor that make a home look lived in and comfortable. I get happy mail from them all the time! (My husband really shouldn’t be reading this post!!) 
  • For Etsy Shops, I love Harper and Arrow. Cynthia has a beautiful curated collection of one of a kind finds. She sells her finds on her Etsy Shop. I own a few of those great finds. For pillows, I buy from fellow Texan, Studio Pillows and also from Porter Lane Home. Both shops make the pillow covers from hand. They are great quality and look good on my couch. I also shop from Dawn at The Urban Barn House.  I have bought many a vintage wooden spoon and several cutting boards from her.

Hope I gave you some great inspiration!  If you are looking to add to your farmhouse décor, I hope you will buy or browse from some of these local, Etsy or small shops. I think supporting small businesses is so important. And it’s fun because they often have more to offer than chain stores. Don’t get me wrong, I love chain stores but if I can shop small–I do!

I hope for you some comfort and great finds in your home. After all, home is where the heart is and my heart is happy with the way my house is looking like a home!

love and blessings~dd

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  1. I love all the same chain stores as you, but we don’t have Target in the UK!! It’s devastating, I know! Every time I go to the states, I grab a coffee and walk into Target and breathe in happiness! Pathetic but true!
    And your so lucky to live near Magnolia Market! Wow! Isn’t that from the tv show ofthat American diy couple? .. I’m so out of what’s happening haha.
    And I’ve never heard of Gable Lane. I’ll take a look. I loved reading this, we have the same shopping taste ?

    1. Kirsten, thanks for reading and commenting. I always appreciate that! I don’t know if I could live without a Target but then again you have so much greatness in the UK-starting with London! Target should really venture over, huh?

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