Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

As I was shopping today at my local grocery store, I realized what a great resource it can be. Decorating for fall with grocery store finds can be a natural way to add the look of fall to your house.

If you are just starting out, as a new home owner, or any type of dwelling, you can decorate your entire house using grocery store finds.  There is a bountiful amount of ideas to decorate for fall.

Fall Grocery Store Finds-Decorating For Fall

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Fall Mums And How To Care For Them

Fall mums are a beautiful symbol of fall. With their rich colors that let you know autumn is here, or is on its way. Fall mums have colorful domes of blooms in the golden jewel-tone hews that look perfect on your porch, alongside your pumpkins or alone in your flowerbeds.

Fall’s favorite flower, otherwise known as chrysanthemums.

Fall Mums And How To Care For Them


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Ten Of My Favorite Fall Quotes

If you know anything about me, you know I love a great quote. Fall quotes always make me happy.  I thought I would share ten of my favorite fall quotes as my Day Six of #write31days writing challenge.  Enjoy!

Ten Of My Favorite Fall Quotes

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Fall At Magnolia Market- Why This Is A Perfect Time To Visit

Anytime is a good time to visit the silos, but fall at Magnolia Market is a pumpkin-perfect time to come to Waco and visit the market.

Fall at Magnolia Market is special to me because two years ago, I met Joanna and interviewed her before the silos opened, before the first Silobration. (read about it here) Fall At Magnolia Market- Why This Is A Perfect Time To Visit Fall At Magnolia Market- Why This Is A Perfect Time To Visit

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Short And Sweet, As In Pumpkin Cupcakes

Probably my favorite pumpkin of all, doesn’t have a stem, isn’t grown in the ground and doesn’t end up a jack-o-lantern. It is however, round, orange and white and is a fall treat. My favorite type of pumpkin is a cupcake. Pumpkin cupcakes.

Jim Davis wrote a well know quote about pumpkins, “Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread and pumpkin pie.” Well Mr. Davis, I prefer pumpkin cupcakes.

This blog post promises to be short and sweet.  Real sweet.

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So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

So this is what fall feels like?

Today, in Waco, there is no fall in the air.  Today, there is a temperature of 81, high humidity, rain in the forecast and it is squashing my fall feels. I won’t let this happen.

So This Is What Fall Feels Like?

I will transport my mind back to an October day that I cherish. In New York City.

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Growing Pumpkins And Growing A Passion For Pumpkins

 Last spring, I developed a new passion, a new love, for growing pumpkins. I learned a new appreciation for nature. I took nature in my own hands, and I, with the help from God, raised ten pumpkins.

I planted them, researched them, and nurtured them. When I learned I was lacking a major character in my pumpkin farming story, I had to do something; I had to find the answer and carry out a task I wasn’t too thrilled about, to get the outcome I wanted. I had to do what I had to do. I did something I thought I would never do and this resulted in my first-ever pumpkin child.

Growing Pumpkins And Growing A Passion For Pumpkins

When life (and nature) leaves you without a crucial element, you must take control and make the best of the situation. Faced with stepping-up and doing what I had to do, if I wanted the result I wanted.

In this case, the result was a pumpkin. Growing pumpkins was about to get tricky.

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A walk in the clouds

When we were in San Francisco, last week, not everything was roses. Wednesday, we had a day. I suppose you could say it was one to remember. And while it was not perfect, it was still fun and after all, we were in San Francisco.

We started the day off with coffee and macaroons, so how bad could that be?

San Francisco
Fisherman’s Grotto at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

We headed to Fisherman’s Wharf and up past The Cannery. From there we walked up the hill to Ghirardelli Square. We were trying to find a place to eat lunch, outside of course. (my favorite!)

San Francisco
The Cannery at fisherman’s Wharf

We settled on a great sidewalk café-type-seafood place, Lew’s Fish Shack, on Jefferson Street.

We watched people, rested our feet, talked about our morning and enjoyed probably the best lump crab meat crab sandwich ever. When we were finished, we ubered to Crissy Field.

Golden Gate Bridge
Crissy Field

We were told this was the best place to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Crissy Field, or Crissy Beach, is an old air strip that is now a public beach and wildlife preserve, and just so happens to be butted up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

San Francisco
geese at Crissy Beach Wildlife Preserve

In every big city I travel, I have a fascination with a piece of architecture-generally one building or structure. The Eiffel Tower, The Empire State Building, Big Ben, and The London Eye. (London gets two favorites because it’s that amazing!) Even Waco—I love the Alico Building.

San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Beach

I found my newest building-love. I have a new fondness for this magical bridge. It seems magical to me because it’s always hiding in the low clouds or the fog. Mystical. Mysterious. Eerie.

San Francisco
the walk to Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field

I was always looking for it no matter what part of San Francisco we were in. If I could see the bay, I would be asking, “Can you see the bridge?”

And when I got a glimpse of her red beams, I would get so excited. I was hoping the weather would clear up so I could see her in all her glory.

Golden Gate Bridge
Crissy Beach

We were told that clouds roll in over the hills. Like they get stuck. The clouds form there right over her, hiding her beauty.

This makes the bridge even more appealing to me.

San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

Back to the story…we get out of the Uber and because I am so excited to get out and start taking pictures, I stupidly left my phone in the car. I did not realize this until he had driven away and we had begun our walk closer to the Golden Gate Bridge. I had already started taking pictures with my camera before I noticed.

I was a bit freaked out. My phone is an extension of my hand. Truly.

Mark nicely stayed back, near the road, in case the driver came back. Danni and I started the long walk to the bridge, all the while I am freaking out.

So this was not as enjoyable as I had anticipated and dreamed of. I couldn’t wait to take selfies with the bridge behind us. I was so mad at myself.

Golden Gate Bridge
Danni and I in front of Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field

Danni was brilliant and got on the app, logged in under my account and magically got ahold of the Uber driver. (maybe the bridge has magic after all?) HE HAD MY PHONE!!! The day was saved, although I did not get my phone back until we returned to the hotel after 11:00 p.m., that evening.

San Francisco
Alcatraz as seen from Crissy Beach

Going all day without my phone. I did it. I survived. We should probably all go one day without our phones every once in a while, just to prove we can. Of course, I had no choice.

Crissy Beach
Danni walks fast

The end of the story…we had to walk forever to get to an area where we could get another Uber. And I complained the entire time. It was approximately a two-mile walk. And I had knee surgery in March. And I had already been walking all morning. And I didn’t have my phone.(excuses!)

That day, our Fitbit’s showed we had I walked approximately 20,000 steps.

Back to the beauty of the bridge…don’t hide your beauty behind your clouds. Let your beautiful self-show.

Don’t hide your beauty behind your clouds. Let your beautiful self-show. Click To Tweet
San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

And try to go without your phone every once in a while!

(Oh and one more bit of advice, don’t talk politics after a bottle of wine.  Or two. But that’s another story…)

Love and blessings~dd



All the feels of fall


view from the grapevines at the Meritage Resort in Napa

One of the best things from our trip to San Francisco and Napa was the weather and the natural fall colors, even in the big city.

It’s no secret that I love fall and all the feels of fall. The temperatures, the colors, the smells. It’s also no secret that I live in Texas and we have very few of these feels.

Pier 39
the trees out our window in San Francisco

“Life is either an adventure…. or nothing at all,” said Helen Keller.

Helen Keller didn’t have the ability to see or hear but she still knew what adventure was. She was a smart girl.

Our adventure started in San Francisco and it was full of all the glory of fall. The trees were beautiful and even though it was a large urban city, it was full of streets and neighborhoods that were tree lined and full of color.

Our view out our hotel was stunning because we saw the bay, the wharf and all that entails. And these trees.

Pier 39
View from our hotel room in San Francisco, Pier 39

Our window opened wide and when we were in the room, it was open. I would have slept with it open, if it were up to me. You could hear all the street music (this reminded me of Paris and New Orleans). You could even hear the sea lions barking and that was lovely. You could feel the cool air. You could smell the sea.

The neighborhoods were full of touches of fall, both manmade and natural.

storefront in North beach area of San Francisco

The storefronts had pumpkins and Halloween décor.

We walked up (most everything was up!) the hill to Ghirardelli Square where the stores were lovely and the smell of chocolate was even more lovely.

San Francisco
Ghirardelli Square

There was a fountain in the center of the square that had been emptied and the water had been replaced with pumpkins–of every size and color. It was a sight for these fall-loving eyes.

San Francisco
pumpkins in the fountain at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco

In the streets and on the sidewalks, there were beautiful fall colored leaves. That had fallen. (duh!)

San Francisco
leaves on the streets of san Francisco

I would love a bouquet of fresh fall leaves. They really can be almost as pretty and vibrant as flowers.  They probably wouldn’t have the same lovely fragrance though, would they?

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

Inglenook Winery
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus Click To Tweet
grapevines in Napa

Napa was also full of these colors, and the cooler fall temps. In the perfect rows of grapevines, in the rolling hills that seems to be like a fall patchwork quilt. And of course in the trees. All the sights mixed with drizzling rain and cool temperatures, I knew I was no longer in Texas.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Winery

Our view out our patio in Napa was another lovely sight. Grapevines, that were changing colors, and a statue of a grape stomper.

Napa view
view out our patio at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa

One day, Danni and I were sitting on the patio and I saw something moving. I wish we had binoculars but we did have my camera with a zoom.

A sweet little jack rabbit. His big ears were swishing when I first saw him. In our family, we love bunnies and see them as a sign of peace.

jack rabbit we saw in Napa

This was a very peaceful place.

In Napa, even walls have pretty fall leaves. (Inglenook Winery)

The wineries that we visited were all full of natural vegetation that was feeling the autumn temperatures. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of all the fall beauty.

It was everywhere.  Even growing up the ancient walls of the wineries.

“How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days.”- John Burroughs

fallen leaves in Napa

Yes, the weather definitely played a part of our experience in California. It was almost another character to the story. When we stepped off the plane in Dallas, it all came back, hitting us in the face-like a bad pie. It was like walking back in time into August all over again.

Napa moments with Lisa

Thanks for welcoming us home, Texas. I love you, but I am not sure why I live here in you.

Love and blessings~dd

This is not the first time I have written about fall leaves. To read more of my love for these beautiful shapely gifts from God, read here.


A day to remember

Saturday was one to remember. As the popular saying goes, “Best day ever!’

Napa Valley
Saint Helena-Zinfandel

Our group of 17 boarded our private bus and headed to our first winery. The drive there was simply incredible. I’m really loving the weather here, the fall colors and even the drizzling rain can’t be complained about. It seems to make it that much more dreamy. That much more not-Texas-like.  It feels like fall.  It looks like fall.  It smells like fall and I am in love with every aspect of this place.

Bus to vineyards
Fun on the bus

I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.” Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield

We drove through Napa Valley and into Rutherford and I couldn’t help but take a million pictures of the grapevines, the fall trees, and the hills lined with both. The fiery reds and brilliant oranges.  The golden yellows. (Can you tell I was happy with the colors of fall in this place?)

Napa Valley

Our driver told us the week before was in the 90’s so I felt blessed to have this weather.  If it looked and felt like Texas, I don’t think it would have seemed as dreamy. We were all in awe of the beauty.

Our first stop was at Mumm Napa.

Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa

It was a quaint little vineyard with shiplap and succulents so I was happy. Extremely light and airy-and I’m not speaking of the wine.  The grounds were beautiful and the view of a hill, lined with rows of grapevines, was breathtaking.  (I’m sorry for all the adjectives!!)

Mumm Napa
beautiful table at Mumm Napa

They had a gorgeous long table set up for the seventeen of us with three champagne glasses each. The rustic barn wood table completely finished the loveliness of the whole experience.

Lisa, Danni and I at Mumm Napa
Lisa, Danni and I at Mumm Napa

We tried three sparkling wines and I loved them all. (Duh!) A dry, a rose and a sweeter version.

sparkling wine at Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa

The whole experience, I thought at the time, couldn’t be topped, but I was wrong.

Danni and I at Mumm Napa
Danni and I at Mumm Napa

Louis Pasteur said it best. “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

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After shopping and shipping wine home, we jumped back on the bus and headed to what soon would top Mumm Napa.


The next stop was my favorite of the day.  Not neccesarily better–just different in a lovely way.


More lush grounds, rolling hills, lined with rows of grapevines and a beautiful house built in the 1800’s. The grounds surrounding the house were perfectly manicured and the entire thing looked like something you would see in the countryside of London.


And another beautiful, long table filled with empty wine glasses.

Napa Valley
Long, communal table at Flora Springs

This was Flora Springs, named after a lady named Flora that lived to see her 100th birthday. (Perhaps all the wine??)

Flora Springs
Flora Springs

We sat outside under a red barn-like structure that was open and in the fall air. And it began a misting rain, although we were completely sheltered from the mist. We started with a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc and then moved to the reds.


We had lunch served to us that just might have been the best sandwich I’ve ever had–fresh French bread, ham, turkey, and all that goes with plus pasta salad and grape leaves filled with something delicious and fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. For desert, a simple chocolate covered strawberry. Perfection.

Was it the meal or perhaps the experience of the surrounds?

We were able to tour the cave-like area where they store the wines in barrels. Lots of information, lots of pictures and lots of wine. And lots of laughs.

Flora Springs at Napa
Mark and I at Flora Springs

The experience at Flora was my favorite but there was one more winery to visit that was equally dreamy.

Flora Springs in Napa
Flora Springs

Off to another and it seemed every time the 17 of us got back on the bus we were a bit louder than the time before!

Francis Ford Coppola. Heard of him? He is not only known for some pretty awesome movies but also some pretty awesome wine.

Inglenook Winery
walking on the grounds at Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Winery

Coppola owns Inglenook Winery. A very dark, ancient, European-looking winery that was fairytale-like, and once again, the grounds were an unbelievable perfection of all the fall colors and the drizzly rain made it seem even more so like something in London.

Inglenook Winery
Staircase inside Inglenook Winery

We toured and drank (I mean tasted) and drank and toured (I mean tasted). More barrels, information and gunite-lined caves full of wine barrels.

Inglenook wine barrels

And again, the most beautiful long table, this time with charcuterie boards full of yumminess-everything needed to accompany delicious wine.

table at Inglenook Winery
Inglenook Winery
Inglenook’s barrels

All three wineries, equally beautiful, romantic, dreamy–with impressive wine, but yet all three different and offered a completely different experience.

Good wine, good food, good fun with good people. Perfect day. Best day ever. A day to remember.

Marti turns 50!
Marti turns 50!

love and blessings~dd