Today Is A Great Day For A Great Travel Day

October is a beautiful time to travel with friends. Then again, all twelve months are great for traveling. Today, October 30, is a great day!

In my writing challenge, I am writing abut fall and fall feels. Today, I write about traveling in the fall with friends.


After all, life was meant for good friends and great adventures!

October is a month we travel in, not sure why, but we always do.

We have traveled to New York, Ruidoso, London, Las Vegas and San Francisco and Napa. All in October.

“Not all hose who wander are lost.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Today, I am on my way to Mexico, in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean, with two of my best friends.

“A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.”

Today, is a great day for travel. Today, is a great day for friends. Today, is a great day for drinks with friends while traveling.

Today, is not a great day for blogging!

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” -Ernest Hemingway

I hope for you travel with your friends!  Today!

love and blessings~dd

Today is Day Thirty of the Write 31 Days writing challenge and tomorrow is the end! Tomorrow, is a great day!

I think I have been taking pictures all my life.

Taking pictures and making memories.

Two years ago, tomorrow, Danni and I left on an adventure across the globe, all by ourselves, to go see Cameron.  It is still one of my favorite trips and I think of the fun time the three of us experienced together often.

taking pictures
London calling!

Cameron was attending Texas Tech University and was doing a study abroad.  She left in early September, all by herself without knowing a soul, flew to London, where she joined other college students to study.

taking pictures
On the London Eye

She attended Kingston University, southwest London, about a thirty minute train ride outside of London. The university was founded in 1899.  She stayed in a dorm with three other dormmates–boys and girls.  A few of them did not speak English. She luckily had a bedroom and bathroom all her own.

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Feeling happy and exhausted

Feeling happy and exhausted this morning as I sit outside on our balcony, looking at grapevines that are the prettiest colors of fall, I write.  Finally.

Pier 39
View from our hotel room in San Francisco, Pier 39

Confucius say, “Whereever you go, go with your heart.”

We had trouble with our wifi in San Francisco and I am sad I have failed my thirty-wonderful days of writing challenge by missing Wednesday through Friday. I will make this up( to myself) by writing through November a few days.

San Francisco Pier 39
Boats on Pier 39

As I predicted, I fell in love with the city of San Francisco. Mainly the wharf area and North Beach.

As I predicted, I feel in love with the city of SAN Francisco. Mainly the wharf area and North Beach. #sanfrancisco #napa #write31days Click To Tweet

North Beach was this neighborhood area, primarily Italian, with the nicest people, the best Italian restaurants and gelato.

North Beach, San Francisco
North Beach house

I could live in that area.

Danni, Mark and I had a wonderful time exploring the city. We covered a lot of it (of course not all) and most every area we saw was clean and beautiful.

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love,” said Ernest Hemingway

Golden Gate Bridge
Danni and I in front of Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field
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The architechture was amazing.

Painted Ladies
The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square

I love how cities have their known architechture. London and Paris have distinct buildings and San Fran has it’s, also.

Bay windows everywhere.

Tomorrow, I will tell the story of losing my phone and luckily getting it back. Thank you to Raymond.

Today, we are exploring Napa by going to three vineyards with 17 people. There is fun to be had!

Napa Valley
Napa Valley at Shipyard Acres

We are all here celebrating 50 years of my sister-in-law/cousin, Marti. (That story is a blog post all on its own! It’s legal-I promise!!)

Marti and I
Marti and I

love and blessings~dd

Take out and explore

Have you ever vacationed somewhere and fell in love with the city? As if the place now has a part of you and you of it?

Have you ever vacationed somewhere and fell in love with the city? As if the place now has a part of you and you of it? #travel #write31days Click To Tweet

This happens to me quite regularly and I believe that is why I love to travel so very much.

walking around Sundance Square, in Ft. Worth

Yes, getting away is nice. Seeing new things and having new adventures and eating new food. That is all wonderful and a wonderful part of traveling.

Ruidoso, NM
Mark and I in Ruidoso, NM

But I truly fall in love with places.

Eiffel Tower, Paris3
Palais du Trocadero or across from the Eiffel Tower

I read a quote by a writer that seems to artfully describe what happens when I travel. Patrick Wiltse sums it up beautifully.

French Quarter, New Orleans

As you immerse yourself in an area over the course of a walk, you form a relationship with that area and your world expands, adding a new piece to the ever growing mosaic of the earth that has passed beneath your feet.”

“As you immerse yourself in an area over the course of a walk, you form a relationship with that area and your world expands, adding a new piece to the ever growing mosaic of the earth that has passed beneath your feet.”-Patrick Wiltse… Click To Tweet

So true.

Paris, France
walking in Paris

When we visit a city, we like to walk the city. Take out and explore. Find places to eat and places to sit and watch people. I am known as the outdoorsy-type. And by that I mean– I like to sit outside and have drinks, relax, talk and watch people.

Paris sidewalk cafe
sitting along the Champs-elysees, in Paris

I believe when you actually connect your feet to the city streets you become a part of the city, you learn more about it and the people.  You blend in with the city. (unless you are really looking like a tourist!) Become one. You merge with it.

A piece of my heart stays there in the new city I explore. I yearn to go back.

Big Ben, London
London calling!

This has happened with New York, Paris, Rome and many places in the U.S., but none more than London. I have been blessed to travel to London two times and I will go back. God willing.

London, England
Flying into London

This produces a syndrome called vacation depression.

Do not laugh.  This is real.

As we travel to a new city this week, a city we have never discovered, I fear this place will take another piece of me. I have always wanted to go to San Francisco but have never been.

I am excited about all the sights and sounds and tastes of this place.

The legendary Chronicle columnist Herb Caen said, “A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.”

Caen also said, “One day if I go to heaven… I’ll look around and say, ‘It ain’t bad, but it ain’t San Francisco.'” (Now I haven’t traveled there yet, but I am pretty sure I won’t agree with that quote.)

Oscar Wilde seems to feel the same way. “It’s an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world.”

But the most famous San Franciscan quote has to be by Mark Twain. “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.”

The most famous San Franciscan quote has to be by Mark Twain, “The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in #SanFrancisco.” #travel #write31days Click To Tweet
St. James Park, London

I am looking forward to the weather. Any weather that is not Texas weather is good weather. I’ve packed my sweaters. I am ready to go.

love and blessings~dd

It all started with Mr. Green

It all started with Mr. Green.

Of course no one knows what this means except our family. Inside jokes are like that. And families with inside jokes are my kind of families.

Surfside Beach, Texas
Surfside Beach, Texas

The five of us have traveled together many times in our lives. We have been blessed with travel. Blessed by God to see a lot of His big, beautiful world.

beach chair 2

Traveling is one of our favorite things to do. And traveling together has always been special. Mark, my husband, and I have traveled alone, with friends, with friends and their kids and with family. We like traveling in our big groups and we also like traveling alone.

Let’s face it-traveling anywhere with anyone you love is truly wonderful.

Fallets Island/Surfside Beach
Fallets Island/Surfside Beach

This year, we had to postpone our “family” summer trip due to Cameron, my youngest, finishing up her semester of grad school. After all, school comes first.

beach sail

We tossed around a lot of options and ended up choosing a beach house an hour south of Galveston. We have been to Galveston many times in our married life. In fact, it was the first beach Mark and I experienced together. We always vacationed in Port Aransas when the kids were younger and we have also been blessed to fly and cruise to beaches, as well.

beach waves



We have stayed in hotels and rented condos. We have never rented a beach house and I am so happy this was our final choice.

Bluewater Bungalow
Bluewater Bungalow

One word. Perfection.

The beach house was perfect. The view was perfect. The décor was perfect. The beach, while not Caribbean-it was a Texas beach-still perfect. Perfection.

beach house
beach house

All the things I listed above added to our enjoyment and made for a perfect beach vacation.

But truthfully, what was perfect, was all five of us, all together, under one roof, all alone, with nothing to do but be together and enjoy each other and our surroundings. Perfect.

beach house 3

At times it felt to me like we were back on Hali Brooke, raising our kids and loving each other. There was less sibling fighting though – so perfect.

my beachcombers
my beachcombers

Danni was Danni. Alex was Alex and Cameron, being the baby of our family, was totally Cameron. Perfect.

push me!
push me!

My world. My people. My family. My future. Perfect.

rainy day when we first arrived
rainy day when we first arrived

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe I am as old as I am. I can’t believe I have been married to the same man for 29 years. I can’t believe I have three children. Grown children. Grown children with their own lives. I think we like to hold on to our youth for as long as possible in spite of everything because we are supposed to still be twenty-something.

the REAL blue water bungalow
the REAL blue water bungalow

My three kids, my husband and our life together are my whole life. My everything. My perfection.

beach chair 3

No matter how imperfect it actually is.

We had rain. We had mosquitoes. I cooked too much. My pups weren’t there with us. It wasn’t clear water.

But still perfection. Imperfect perfection.

I know my twenty-somethings will have their own lives and spouses and children (one can hope, right?) one day but having them, together, under one roof, on that beach, in that house, was like heaven to me as a mom and that was perfect!


I hope we have more vacations like this but if we don’t, I am truly blessed by our Lord to have this memory.

sunset at the Bluewater Bungalow
sunset at the Bluewater Bungalow

Perfect memories.

Love and blessings~dd