Opening New Doors And Walking Through

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

Sometimes you have to open new doors.  You have to make your own door and walk through it. Leaving behind old doors, for new, can be a wonderful thing.

Today, I opened a new door.  I was happy to open it, and walk right through.  This was a literal door.  Literally.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

We got a new door today!

When we bought our house in March, I was in love with the front of the house–the black and white awnings, the enormous trees, the landscaping and I liked the red paint on the door.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

But, not the door.

Our house was built in the early eighties, which makes our house young compared to most houses in our neighborhood. The house across the street was built in the 20’s.  I wanted to buy it.  (I called it the little house because it looks little from the front, but in the back it just keeps going and going.)

We then looked at what would soon become our new home, across the street, and we fell in love.  (the sunroom had something to do with that!) Our house was move-in-ready.  It had just been fixer-uppered (not the TV show). It was just what we wanted, size and style.

We were home.

We have upgraded a few things, changed a few, and added a few. I wanted a new door because everything on the outside of our house had been changed and modernized.  The door was painted red on the outside, black on the inside.  And while I loved that, I didn’t like the window in the door. It was very 80’s. We soon learned it would be cheaper to buy a new door, and not replacing the glass in the window. (Apparently they don’t make these doors anymore?)

So today, my new door came home.  I love, love it!

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

One complaint I had with the old door was it allowed no light in.  I love natural light and want as much as I can get.

I got it now!

Our trees are so enormous, shady and tall, so the front of our house is a bit on the dark side. (and grass won’t grow–next project!)


“When one door is closed, don’t you know, another is open.” -Bob Marley

I have natural light streaming in now. I even bought a tiny fiddle leaf to bathe in the light.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

I am not the only one who loves the new door.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through






The mailman better beware!!

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle

We used Anderson Glass, the company who does all the doors and bathrooms for Fixer-Upper (THE TV show!) They did a beautiful job.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through


So today, I got a new door.  She is still black on the inside and red on the outside. With a lot of windows.  I love her and welcome her home.  She makes my house smile.

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Opening New Doors And Walking Through

This is Day Twelve in my #write31days challenge and if you have followed along this blog series, you know I have written about fall. I am taking a break from the fall to show you the new door.  But look–there’s pumpkins!

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

To read a more serious bit of my writing, read this post about doors. I originally wrote it for Taylor Magazine.  I am so proud to be published  in Taylor and I would love you to read it.

Opening New Doors And Walking Through

I hope for you many doors to walk through and some new doors of your own!

love and blessings~dd

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