Mental health; its okay to not be okay

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

It’s okay to not be okay. These are sweet words. Sweet because everyone hustles around, trying to be busy because we all think busy is how to be. We hustle around trying to be perfect because we all think perfect is how to be. We are supposed to all have perfect homes, with perfect people inside them. Perfect relationships with our kids and our parents.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay


That is not a sweet word. This word sets us up for failure. Because is there really such a thing? Perfection?

We will never get back the life we waste trying to be normal. -Atticus


We also have a notion that we are all supposed to be extremely happy. When you are not all smiley-happy, you feel even worse because you think you are supposed to be smiling from ear to ear all the time.

We need to stop. We need to slow down. Be still. Take a breath.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

Everyone doesn’t have to be perfect because you know what? We’re not. Were not perfect.  I certainly am not. There was only one perfect one. And it’s not you and it’s not me.

The only thing more exhausting than having a mental illness is pretending like you don't. #dedradaviswrites Click To Tweet

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

May is Mental Health Month.

Mental Health America has observed May as Mental Health Month since 1949. Did we hustle around, going crazy, trying to be perfect in 1949? (I didn’t-I wasn’t born yet!)

Mental Health is a serious subject that needs to be shouted out but instead people generally don’t like to talk about it and they certainly don’t want to shout about it.

It’s so common, it could be anyone.  The trouble is, nobody wants to talk about it.  And that makes everything worse. -Ruby Wax

Millions of American’s lives are impacted daily by mental health conditions. We all know someone who suffers from mental health and we need to learn more about mental health so that we can expel myths, educate ourselves and show support. The more we know, the more we show support for the many people affected by mental health that are working to improve their lives, the more the stigma will go away.  For more information, read this article on how to get involved.

It’s okay to not be okay.

It is okay if you can’t smile today. It’s okay if you are teary today. If your mad today. It’s okay if you’re not okay.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

What is not okay is to hold it in, keep it to yourself.

Tell someone you are having an off day. Tell someone you don’t feel right today. I understand these feelings completely.

I am a happy person. I love life and I am leading a happy life. But I have bad days just like anyone else. I take medication for Psoriatic Arthritis. The disease, the pain and the medicine give me bad days. It’s okay.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

I occasionally have a day where I sit in a chair all day and that is all I can do. I feel numb inside, blah inside and I can’t smile. I can’t do much. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often but it does happen and it’s okay. I pray when I feel like this. I pray for the blah to leave me. Eventually, it always does, thankfully.

It breaks my heart to think of those who feel like this every day. It breaks my heart to think of those who live with this feeling daily, or worse–when they hide it or simply can’t function.

We need to shout about Mental Health awareness, every day, not just in May. But May is a great place to start.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay

It is okay to not be okay. Repeat those words to yourself. And if you know someone who is not okay, repeat these words to them.

My friends at Holl and Lane Magazine gave me the inspiration for this blog post. They are raising awareness for mental health and Mental Health Month by dubbing Thursday, May 25, as “It’s Okay Day”. The magazine is flooding social media with words of support, encouragement and love to those who suffer from this often silent disease.  Stop the silence.  Shout support for those struggling.

Mental health; its okay to not be okay
Sunrise in Waco, Texas,


I hope for you more days to be okay than not. I also hope for you to know it’s okay to not be okay!

love and blessings~dd

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  1. So powerful for each of us to realize. We are not alone and some days aren’t going to be easy. But to have awareness that we will have seasons of difficulty and that comparison and perfection aren’t our answers is a beautiful and positive foundation! Xo-D

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