Wacotown; where you should have a Waco adventure

I now see Waco

Who am I? Good question.

One should constantly be growing and learning and I believe I am. I have grown into a person who loves life. I love so many things around me. Waco is one of those things.

Sometimes I feel like I not only have found my words but also my eyes.

Or do I now see Waco for the beauty it is because I now write and I am always looking for stories?

I see beauty all around me in the simplest things. I write about all those things on my blog and also, occasionally I get to write about those Waco things for the paper I write for, The Hometown News and for The Groove Entertainment Magazine.

On the Suspension Bridge, in Waco, looking at the Washington Bridge

I am always looking around me and thinking, “I should write a story about that.” I have also come to realize I now say, “I have written a story about that.” Quite often. I noticed this yesterday while in Dichotomy, a coffee-house in Waco, with a new friend. I had written about Dichotomy, twice, and the art on the wall, and during our conversation I noticed I repeated the phrase about what I had written.

Waco is fun to write about because it is changing and evolving. Growing into this lovely little urban town. People have deemed it the new Austin. I don’t know about that but I do like what I see happening.

The Groove and The Hometown News

There are always new businesses to write about and events, such as charities and fundraisers.

These are the types of articles I write for the paper. Positive articles, features really, that help people. Either by showcasing someone’s talent, a new business, or trying to spotlight an upcoming event for a charity and help them get more people and money raised.

I believe God put me where I am for this reason.

I believe God put me where I am for this reason. #write31days Click To Tweet

The Washington Bridge, and so many other places and things in Waco bring me simple joy. I have driven over it numerous times but only a year or so ago actually saw its pure beauty. When the sun shines through the steel beams and you glance down at the Brazos River below you, well, it makes me giddy. I find myself smiling like a child.

Washington Bridge over the Brazos River

The simple things.

I have written about the Alico building and my love for it. You can read that blog post here.

The alico Building, in Waco

Waco is growing and changing, just like me, and I love that I am blessed to write about these things.

Austin Avenue, in Waco

Austin Avenue is another part of Waco that I love, both driving down and walking down the lovely street. It has a few little shops, a wine bar, a restaurant or two and The Hippodrome, a historical theatre that is now a movie house, restaurant and bar.

Austin Avenue, downtown Waco, in the fall

Coming to Waco?  Read my article that has been shared over 2000 times on Pinterest alone here.  I wrote it for the Culture Trip, an online travel magazine based in London, about what to do in our little town.  Of course there are many more things besides the ten I listed here.  Contact me for more suggestions.  I would love to help!

Culture Trip Texas article about Waco

So who am I? I am a writer and a blogger who looks around and sees beauty in simple things and I write about them. I am blessed to write about them. I am not sure anyone reads these blogs and newspaper articles, but I hope they do and I hope they smile along with me.

Love and blessings~dd


*this is the fourth time I have blogged about Waco.  Can you tell I love her?

You can read The Hometown News online. And The Groove, an entertainment magazine in Waco.  Arts, music, restaurants and more…

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