He has led me to write (thirty-one day challenge)

And so it ends, on this All Hollow’s Eve, the write thirty-one day challenge, or as I deemed it-thirty-wonderful days of writing.

thirty-one day challenge
my desk where I normally write

But was the write thirty-one day challenge wonderful?  Not the entire time.  Yes, I got a lot of practice in writing my blog and had to stretch myself and dig deep.  But did I dig too deepStretch myself too far?

Writing thirty-one blog posts in thirty-one days was hard and I actually failed the challenge.

thirty-one day challenge

We left for San Francisco; I wrote the first two days, lost Wi-Fi and decided it was too hard to keep up the write thirty-one days challenge after walking almost 20,000 steps with arthritis in my feet and only seven months post-op of ACL replacement knee surgery.  Yes, excuses, excuses.

“I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. ~Flannery O’Conner

thirty-one day challenge
Today is a good day for a good day!!
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I tried. Hard.  I managed twenty-seven posts in the thirty-one day challenge.  Four short.  (And San Francisco and Napa were worth it!) For my first attempt and my one year blogiversary coming up on November 2, I am proud of myself!

thirty-one day challenge
Thirty-one days of writing

“All my mistakes and sins have led me to Him. And He has led me to write.” ~Jill E. McCormick

I truly believe God has led me to write.  He knew when I would be ready and it is now.  I thank Him daily for letting me write.  I have been a happy person my entire life but I truly have never been happier, with myself and within myself, than now.

I want to be led by Him in my writing.  I pray for the ears and the ability to listen.

And so… so long #write31days challenge!  Adios October!  Farewell to you writers challenge.  I may or may not see you again!

“Writing is the painting of the voice!”–Voltaire

thirty-one day challenge
Write 31 days challenge

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If you read any or all of my blogs, I thank you.  I will now gladly return to one a week and I truly appreciate your support.

love and blessings~dd


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thirty-one day challenge
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