Feeling happy and exhausted

Feeling happy and exhausted this morning as I sit outside on our balcony, looking at grapevines that are the prettiest colors of fall, I write.  Finally.

Pier 39
View from our hotel room in San Francisco, Pier 39

Confucius say, “Whereever you go, go with your heart.”

We had trouble with our wifi in San Francisco and I am sad I have failed my thirty-wonderful days of writing challenge by missing Wednesday through Friday. I will make this up( to myself) by writing through November a few days.

San Francisco Pier 39
Boats on Pier 39

As I predicted, I fell in love with the city of San Francisco. Mainly the wharf area and North Beach.

As I predicted, I feel in love with the city of SAN Francisco. Mainly the wharf area and North Beach. #sanfrancisco #napa #write31days Click To Tweet

North Beach was this neighborhood area, primarily Italian, with the nicest people, the best Italian restaurants and gelato.

North Beach, San Francisco
North Beach house

I could live in that area.

Danni, Mark and I had a wonderful time exploring the city. We covered a lot of it (of course not all) and most every area we saw was clean and beautiful.

“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love,” said Ernest Hemingway

Golden Gate Bridge
Danni and I in front of Golden Gate Bridge at Crissy Field
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The architechture was amazing.

Painted Ladies
The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square

I love how cities have their known architechture. London and Paris have distinct buildings and San Fran has it’s, also.

Bay windows everywhere.

Tomorrow, I will tell the story of losing my phone and luckily getting it back. Thank you to Raymond.

Today, we are exploring Napa by going to three vineyards with 17 people. There is fun to be had!

Napa Valley
Napa Valley at Shipyard Acres

We are all here celebrating 50 years of my sister-in-law/cousin, Marti. (That story is a blog post all on its own! It’s legal-I promise!!)

Marti and I
Marti and I

love and blessings~dd

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