The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor

Since moving to our new house in April, I have shopped, decorated and made our house a home, not just four walls. I am enjoying the hunt and the find. I want to share with you where I shop for farmhouse décor.

As much as I like to shop, I like to shop smart, at least I like to think I do. Some of my friends have asked me the same question, over and over, “Where did you get this? It is so cute!” Since we moved in our new house, I have added more farmhouse décor, both modern and vintage. I’ve shopped a bit, both online and in some of Waco’s local shops. Per my husband, too much maybe? I am enjoying filling our new home with items that make me happy and that make our house a home.

The Hunt and the Find-where I shop for farmhouse decor


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Easy Ideas to Turn your Blank Walls into an Inspiring Gallery Wall

Have you ever looked at a blank wall in your house and thought about how you will decorate it?  Did the blank wall scare you? Did doubt overwhelm you and cause you to leave it blank? I have been where you are and I will show you how easy it is to fill your wall with items you love.

Gallery walls are all over Pinterest but how do you turn a blank wall into an inspiring gallery wall?

First, I want to assure you I am no expert or decorator.  So, if I can make a gallery wall look easy, you can do it, too! I started collecting items for my office long before we moved.  I collected inspirational quotes and graphics, clip boards, pictures and memorabilia that would make me happy to look at while I was writing.

Easy Ideas to Turn your Blank Walls into an Inspiring Gallery Wall

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ten simple ideas to put spring back in your step

Spring has sprung! It is spring again!

Spring wakes you up just as it wakes the earth. Everything is new again. Spring is a nurturing time, a renewal. Time to wake up and get moving. If you are going through a tough time, spending time outdoors will help your mood wake up, brighten up, and you will feel new again, too.

Sometimes when you are feeling down, getting up and cleaning will get that down mood turned around. Spring cleaning, both inside and out, will brighten your mood and brighten your world around you.

ten simple ideas to put spring back in your step

Here are ten simple ideas to put the spring back in your step. And your surroundings.

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Discover Hidden Gems Online With H&M Home

Most everyone has heard of H&M. If you haven’t–be glad you are reading this! There are some hidden gems at H&M. They are known for their fashion, most of which is reasonably priced, all over the world. Both online and in their hip stores. Now you will know them for H&M Home.

You may not have known about the hidden gems online with H&M Home.  It is lovely and is worth a look.

Discover Hidden Gems Online With the H&M Home
From H&M’s website

I first discovered the Home Line at H&M, two years ago, and my sofa and bed haven’t been the same.

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Magnolia Market at the Silos

If you are a fan of the popular HGTV show that has popularized the term fixer-upper, you probably have a dream of coming to Waco, Texas, to visit Magnolia Market at the Silos.

Magnolia Market at the Silos

If you are dreaming of visiting Magnolia Market at the Silos, in Waco, read my article published in Victoria Lee Magazine.

I started the discussion with Anna Kat, the editor, in October. Began writing the article in January. Visited Magnolia Market at the Silos twice to take pictures. Ate cupcakes once.

Magnolia Market at the Silos

Labor of love? Occupational hazard? The fruits of my labor?


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How to decorate your home with Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery

I have rarely paid attention to Pantone Color of the Year. I know about it, I know of it, but I have never cared that much about it. I am typically a red girl and I wouldn’t redecorate my house because Pantone says I should use a specific color.

Until this year.

Pantone Color of the Year
Image courtesy of Pantone Color of the Year

This year, the Pantone Color of the Year is “greenery”.

While green is by far not my favorite color, I do love greenery. Actual greenery. I love to accent with both live and faux plants in my house. Especially in January, after taking all the Christmas down, un-decking my halls, I like to fill the void with plants. It can wake up a room, bring it to life. And there are benefits to natural plants in your home.

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Decking the halls with Christmas trees. Many Christmas trees!

Christmas trees are the main element in my Christmas décor when I deck the halls at my house.

There is a quote I like a great deal; it sums up the way I started decorating for Christmas. “The Perfect Christmas Tree? All Christmas trees are perfect!” Charles N. Barnard brilliantly exclaimed.

Last year, I wanted a change in the way I decked my halls. I had used a lot of the same décor for years. Being empty nesters, and not having grandchildren yet, (YET!?), I was ready for a change. A grown-up change. I turned to Pinterest (duh?) and I found the change I was looking for in one picture.

It was a simple tree, in a simple wooden crate.

Christmas trees
Simple tree in simple crates

It was an ‘ah-ha’ moment! I have crates and baskets and tins, galore! I already use them year-round; all I had to do is buy more stick trees and that would be my new motif!

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laugh in flowers

When we were in San Francisco, there was a lovely man who owned a little sidewalk flower shop in the neighborhood of North Beach. (right down the street from the gelato shop!) We stopped and bought flowers from him and I am so glad we did.

laugh in flowers
Mark buying flowers in San Francisco

He was an Italian and had a lovely accent and was so happy when Mark told him to keep the change.  He hugged Mark and gave Danni and I a long stem rose each.  It was a nice moment that I won’t forget.

I wish Waco had a place like this downtown.

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The mere smell of fall

“It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” -Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost


That is the way I want my house to smell in the fall. Cinnamon, cloves, apples, oh my!

apples and spices
apples, cinnamon, cloves and whole all spice

I light candles—pumpkin candles, vanilla candles and cinnamon.  But nothing is better than smelling something cooking in the kitchen.  Something sweet.

“The mere smell of cooking can evoke a whole civilization.”- Fernand Braudel

simmer pot
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If I am on a diet, which I always am, or I don’t have the time to bake, I fake it.

  • Cinnamon sticks,
  • all spice
  • cloves
  • star anise
  • vanilla, from Mexico

All these wonderful spices, simmering on the stove, in two cups of water, make the whole house smell of wonder.

apples and cinnamon simmering on the stove

And if I have an apple that has gone bad, I throw that in the pot, as well.

Throw caution to the wind and add some apple cider or apple juice. Experiment with different concoctions until you find your favorite.  Remember to simmer, and keep an eye on it.  Don’t want the liquid to boil over or dry up! Ew.


You can also do the same thing with lemon, rosemary and vanilla, simmering in water and you will get an entirely different lovely smell.  William Sonoma uses this to entice people when they shop in their stores.  And I believe it works.

lemons and rosemary

Hope your house smells like all things fall!

love and blessings~dd

the art of typewriters

Nostalgia. A wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to some past period or irrecoverable condition, defined according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Typewriters are nostalgic to me.

When I was a little girl, my cousin, Marti, and I would spend the night at our grandparents house and we would play like all little girls do. The only difference is we played office (and bar-but that’s a different story for another time). We would have so much fun pretending that we worked in a hotel, as bartenders and waitresses and office workers. Typical little girl stuff.

My grandparents, lovingly called Me-Me and Papa, had an office full of wondrous things like stamps with ink, paper and pens, sales pads with carbon paper, gigantic staplers, and machines like typewriters, huge adding-machines (not calculators) and things that little girls loved to imagine with. We thought they were our toys and our sweet grandparents let us play away, imagining (and wasting paper) and well…just being little girls.

Underwood Five typewriter
Underwood Five typewriter

We would spend hours upon hours in that office, working, and loving every minute of it. I believe they were always watching Hee-Haw.

Childhood nostalgia.

My Aunt Nancy recently moved and while cleaning out things, came across the typewriter that we always played on. Knowing I love to write, (and Marti doesn’t love old things!), she offered it to me. I was very excited about this. I knew I wanted it. I just had no clue what I would do with it? Nancy told me it would need to be repaired because it was very old but I knew I would actually never use it; I simply wanted it for the nostalgia.

It is, from my research, an Underwood Touch-Master Five Manual Typewriter – No. 5. Made sometime in the 1950’s or possibly before. Whether you type on the machine or put it on display, the Underwood typewriter is truly legendary. My plan, of course was to put it on display.

Before I cleaned it a bit.
Before I cleaned it a bit.

The original Underwood typewriter was invented by German-American Franz Xaver Wagner, who showed it to entrepreneur John Thomas Underwood.

The Underwood No. 5 launched in 1900 and is described as “the first truly modern typewriter“. They sold two million by the early 1920s. When the company, in Hartford, Connecticut, was in its heyday as the world’s largest typewriter manufacturer, the factory was turning out typewriters at the rate of one each minute, according to

This “toy” was once used in my grandfather’s business he owned in downtown Fort Worth and then later, in his house, and is now in my office. Nostalgia.

Not long after I received the Underwood, I read a blog post (from someone you should follow) called “nesting with grace”. Her husband had found a vintage typewriter, spray painted it gold, and he surprised her for her birthday with this beautiful, golden newly-old (old-ly-new?) typewriter. (*Mark–take note on this husbandry thoughtfulness!!)


Soo…I knew I had to do this with my newly attained-attained vintage typewriter! And so I did.

It took me less than an hour, cleaning and spray-painting. I put gloves on, card-board underneath to protect the grass. (it is February and it is already beginning to green up!?) I only applied two coats on the Underwood; although one probably would have been fine.

I used Valspar metallic in Brilliant Gold (#66009).
I used Valspar metallic in Brilliant Gold (#66009).

I don’t consider myself to be “artsy-craftsy” or a “DIY-er” at all.  Every once in a while I will get the bug–and the Underwood definitely had me itching to try this!

I even had a bit of help from Charli and Jemma! (Charli may or may not have a little touch of gold now?)

Look Cha! A vintage typewriter!

I am simply in love with it. I think it turned out perfect. Looks great in my office and gives me inspiration. I certainly never knew as a child that writing would bring me such joy. Now when writing, I know my grandparents are looking down on me and happy that I am doing what I love. (I just hope they aren’t upset with me for painting the Underwood gold!)

gold keys
I left the front scale the original silver.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”1Earnest Hemingway

Today is a good day for a good day!!
Today is a good day for a good day!!

What do you think about it?  Do you love it or hate it? Would you be brave enough to try this? If so, I know Ebay has several for sale.


“Sooner or later, everything old is new again.” – Stephen King

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love and blessings~dd