Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

Feeling cozy during fall, implies you need comfort, warmth, and well, you need a snuggly blanket.  Adding cozy fall blankets adds warmth and the feel of fall to your home.  I  have several blankets in my home that will keep you feeling cozy.

Blankets are a wonderful accessory to have in your home. They keep you warm, first and foremost, but they also serve as an accessory for your couch, chair or window seat.

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor


Think about them as if they were a necklace, bracelet or scarf, if you will. These items finish your outfit. Your couch needs some finishing, also. Add some cozy, fall blankets.


Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

Fall décor usually consists of pumpkins and other items associated with autumn.  While I love pumpkins, you also need other details to add another layer of warmth and coziness.

I like to switch out my summer blankets, lighter and lighter in color, with a thicker, warmer, more fall-look, in October. The fall blankets I have are a bit thicker and are warmer in color. For other cozy home finds, go here.

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor


This adds more fall elements in your room, and again, adds warmth and the coziness factor.

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

In fall, I love to use more plaid. I love plaid of any color or style. It has been more in style for homes and fashion the last few years. But really, does plaid ever go out of style?

If there happens to be a cute dog beside or on your blanket, that adds more style.

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

You can find plaid blankets just about everywhere for any price. For awhile, I only added plaid in the winter months and at Christmastime, but now, I add grays, reds, and creams to my fall décor, as well.

In fall, I love to use more plaid. #write31days Click To Tweet

Adding Cozy Fall Blankets To Your Home Décor

Side note**I do not pretend to be a decorator or pretend to know what I am doing when I write about my house and décor. I just think of little things I do to make my house homier and I like to write about it. Plus, this is a blog post from my #write31days challenge and my Thirty-One Days Of Fall Feels and I saw a blanket this morning and thought, “write about fall blankets!” So, I am.


Add some warmer blankets to you couch and chairs this season and enjoy the cozy feelings of fall.


I say, the more the merrier. Or should I say, the more the cozier. If you have too many for your couch, throw some in a basket. But honestly, who could have too many?


I hope for you lots of cozy moments this fall and lots of cozy blankets!


love and blessings~dd

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