A day to remember

Saturday was one to remember. As the popular saying goes, “Best day ever!’

Napa Valley
Saint Helena-Zinfandel

Our group of 17 boarded our private bus and headed to our first winery. The drive there was simply incredible. I’m really loving the weather here, the fall colors and even the drizzling rain can’t be complained about. It seems to make it that much more dreamy. That much more not-Texas-like.  It feels like fall.  It looks like fall.  It smells like fall and I am in love with every aspect of this place.

Bus to vineyards
Fun on the bus

I love everything that is old; old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wines.” Oliver Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield

We drove through Napa Valley and into Rutherford and I couldn’t help but take a million pictures of the grapevines, the fall trees, and the hills lined with both. The fiery reds and brilliant oranges.  The golden yellows. (Can you tell I was happy with the colors of fall in this place?)

Napa Valley

Our driver told us the week before was in the 90’s so I felt blessed to have this weather.  If it looked and felt like Texas, I don’t think it would have seemed as dreamy. We were all in awe of the beauty.

Our first stop was at Mumm Napa.

Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa

It was a quaint little vineyard with shiplap and succulents so I was happy. Extremely light and airy-and I’m not speaking of the wine.  The grounds were beautiful and the view of a hill, lined with rows of grapevines, was breathtaking.  (I’m sorry for all the adjectives!!)

Mumm Napa
beautiful table at Mumm Napa

They had a gorgeous long table set up for the seventeen of us with three champagne glasses each. The rustic barn wood table completely finished the loveliness of the whole experience.

Lisa, Danni and I at Mumm Napa
Lisa, Danni and I at Mumm Napa

We tried three sparkling wines and I loved them all. (Duh!) A dry, a rose and a sweeter version.

sparkling wine at Mumm Napa
Mumm Napa

The whole experience, I thought at the time, couldn’t be topped, but I was wrong.

Danni and I at Mumm Napa
Danni and I at Mumm Napa

Louis Pasteur said it best. “Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages.”

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After shopping and shipping wine home, we jumped back on the bus and headed to what soon would top Mumm Napa.


The next stop was my favorite of the day.  Not neccesarily better–just different in a lovely way.


More lush grounds, rolling hills, lined with rows of grapevines and a beautiful house built in the 1800’s. The grounds surrounding the house were perfectly manicured and the entire thing looked like something you would see in the countryside of London.


And another beautiful, long table filled with empty wine glasses.

Napa Valley
Long, communal table at Flora Springs

This was Flora Springs, named after a lady named Flora that lived to see her 100th birthday. (Perhaps all the wine??)

Flora Springs
Flora Springs

We sat outside under a red barn-like structure that was open and in the fall air. And it began a misting rain, although we were completely sheltered from the mist. We started with a wonderful Sauvignon Blanc and then moved to the reds.


We had lunch served to us that just might have been the best sandwich I’ve ever had–fresh French bread, ham, turkey, and all that goes with plus pasta salad and grape leaves filled with something delicious and fresh tomatoes, basil and mozzarella cheese. For desert, a simple chocolate covered strawberry. Perfection.

Was it the meal or perhaps the experience of the surrounds?

We were able to tour the cave-like area where they store the wines in barrels. Lots of information, lots of pictures and lots of wine. And lots of laughs.

Flora Springs at Napa
Mark and I at Flora Springs

The experience at Flora was my favorite but there was one more winery to visit that was equally dreamy.

Flora Springs in Napa
Flora Springs

Off to another and it seemed every time the 17 of us got back on the bus we were a bit louder than the time before!

Francis Ford Coppola. Heard of him? He is not only known for some pretty awesome movies but also some pretty awesome wine.

Inglenook Winery
walking on the grounds at Francis Ford Coppola’s Inglenook Winery

Coppola owns Inglenook Winery. A very dark, ancient, European-looking winery that was fairytale-like, and once again, the grounds were an unbelievable perfection of all the fall colors and the drizzly rain made it seem even more so like something in London.

Inglenook Winery
Staircase inside Inglenook Winery

We toured and drank (I mean tasted) and drank and toured (I mean tasted). More barrels, information and gunite-lined caves full of wine barrels.

Inglenook wine barrels

And again, the most beautiful long table, this time with charcuterie boards full of yumminess-everything needed to accompany delicious wine.

table at Inglenook Winery
Inglenook Winery
Inglenook’s barrels

All three wineries, equally beautiful, romantic, dreamy–with impressive wine, but yet all three different and offered a completely different experience.

Good wine, good food, good fun with good people. Perfect day. Best day ever. A day to remember.

Marti turns 50!
Marti turns 50!

love and blessings~dd



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